How to use Proximity Beacon with Danalock

I might have started something to big for me to handle, but I want to give a chance.

I have a Danalock V3 on my door, and the dealer said it worked with the Estimote Proximity Beacon. I had some problems claiming it (It won’t show up on my Honor 8), but is now in my cloud account and my iPad.

What I’m trying to do is use the beacon to notice when me or my family members are clouse to my house and then unlock my front door automatically.

Not really sure where to begin…

I think it should work with the the app “danalock deutshland” of the resseler soular

That’s my guess too. Your beacon is already broadcasting and the integration has to happen on the Danalock-side. I reached out to them on Friday to see if they have any resources that would help you integrate a beacon with your Danalock, I’ll get back to you once I hear from them.

Hi, I heard from the folks at Danalock.

They say that you simply need to add it in their auto unlock settings in the Danalock Deutschland App as described in Point 6. here: Hope it helps!