How to reset beacon?

I wrote custom region UUID to the beacon, and forgot it. Is it possible somehow reset beacon or find it UUID?


Please find below some simple steps to reset the beacons and get the original settings (UUID, major, minor).

Here is how to do this:

  • Use the ESTBeacon class
  • Use the connectToBeacon method and wait for - (void)beaconConnectionDidSucceeded:(ESTBeacon*) beacon to call (remember to set yourself as ESTBeacon delegate);
  • After connecting to a beacon try -(void)resetToFactorySettingsWithCompletion (ESTCompletionBlock)completion;

There are apps that allows you to scan for them, but they are only available on Android. Try iBeacon Locate on Google's Playstore

Larry, thanks that's a good idea! There is such app also for iOS - BLExplr: It's an app to find, connect and browse Bluetooth Low Energy devices nearby.

You can also try to use a second method that doesn't require the proximit UUID - method startEstimoteBeaconsDiscovery:
You should be able to see your beacons there, connect to them and change the UUID to a new value.

Hi Vitaliy,

I think this article might be helpfull:

Normally the easiest way to change UUID is through our Estimote Virtual Beacon app although if you already changed it the app will not detect the beacons so the only way is to use our SDK:

By default all Estimote beacons has the same proximity UUID - B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D

Hope it will be helpfull.

The problem is that I've changed default beacon UUID to some value, which I forget. And without UUID I can't connect to beacon to change UUID. Catch-22 :(