How to install beacon in very low temperature?

Hi All,

  1. We are preparing to install beacon high up in moutains on about 4000 meters, is there anyway to put it some cover to keep it worm without loosing range?
  2. Did anyone test device in below minus 35 degrees temp?


We’ve had people doing similar thing before (:

I think they had some special casings for these. As long as the casing is not made of metal, it shouldn’t affect the range too much.

As for the temperature, there are two things to consider: the battery and the PCB. If I remember correctly, the CR2477 batteries we use have operating temperature range of -30 to 60 degrees C, but at the extreme ends you should expect diminished capacity (i.e., shorter battery life).

The PCB itself should withstand -40 to 85 degrees C conditions.

great thanks for info I will try to reach Dan and talk to them. Our approach is slightly different but operating environment will be similar

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