How to get the orientation of a sticker?


I wish to know the orientation of a sticker in real time, and so I was wondering if there is a way to do that programmatically?

I searched a bit on the Class references, and found that there is a property within the class ESTNearable, which can enable me to access the orientation. But is there a way to access an instance of this class via ESTNearableManager or even ESTTriggerManager?

Thanks for your help!

You could either use ESTNearableManager's nearable ranging, which will give you ESTNearable objects, which have orientation. (The objects will be delivered to the ESTNearableManagerDelegate.)

Or, if you want to trigger certain actions on certain orientation, you can use ESTTriggerManager and ESTOrientationRule instead.

Thanks! I tried the ranging approach, and it works.

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