How to get perticular product details among different beacons?


I'm new to Estimote Becons concept.

The concept is very Awasome. I'm intereting to know more about this for further development.

I read estimote guide and more documents also, but i'm very confusing with these points.

Suppose, I've 3 beacons in a floor. 1st beacon fixed in Shoe store, 2nd beacons fixed in Cloth store and 3rd beacon fixed in some Toy store. Then, a user enters into that floor and his device founds their 3 beacons in range.

Ques 1:
I know that each beacon has only ID so users device get 3 ids from 3 beacons. Based on that ID, how app will estimate beacon's id is related to that perticular product?

Ques 2:
from Users App, 1st device is in 2meters and 2nd device in 7m and 3rd device in 10m. So, now which beacons infromation user can get first?

Ques 3:
Is programmer responsible for send a notification to the users device based on the distance from beacons?

Can any body clarify my quries (Confusing to me) can appricate !!
Thank you for your time and valuable solutionss..


  1. ID's are hardcoded into an app as a beacon region - read more about it here:

  2. It depends how you'll program your application.

  3. Yes, developer decides in a code how and when notify a user.


Thanking you Witek Socha,

And i tested with 3 beacons from Android Devices. It gives bydefault UUID for all 3 beacons. So, how can we set different names for different beacons?

I want to identify which beacon it is among those 3.

Hi Polam,

What do you mean by different names?