Check the company ID

Whence do we get the company ID?

Hi Aleksandr,

All Estimote Beacons are shipped with default Estimote UUID, so you can use it to determine that those beacons are from Estimote. If you change the UUID, you can always refer to Core Bluetooth packets, which also identify our beacons as Estimote.


Hi Aleksandr,

Please let me know what exactly you mean by company ID?

I wonder who will provides me the beacons, if i use a few providers.

Hi Aleksandr,

I think it is still unclear what you mean by company ID. Please be more precise:)


Sorry for formulation :-(
What i mean: the mobile app scans the area around and receives array of virtual beacons. I would like to know who is owner (provider, company) each beacon to have a little different processing for different companies


To solve the problem you are describing I recommend you to get familiar with the Regions which can be defined by beacon IDs (UUID, Major, Minor). Thanks to them you can fit the notifications better to the context. They will work as the company ID you are describing.

Check out the article here: