How to get "Pending Settings" from the cloud

Hey all,

I’m working on an Android app that uses Estimote’s Android SDK. I was wondering whats the best way to get the “pending settings” for a beacon from Estimote Cloud. I’ve tried using this:

public void fetchDeviceDetails(DeviceId identifier, CloudCallback callback)

However, when I get the success callback, I get the the previous saved settings, but not the current “pending settings”. Is this the expected behavior?


Hi @Agradeep_Khanra_Argo,

are the “pending settings” the settings actually written in the beacon?
If they are, I think you should first synchronize the cloud with the beacon.

Not sure if there’s a wrapper for this in the Android SDK, but you can always hit Estimote Cloud API directly:

The response has, among other things, a “settings” section, and a “pending_settings” section, which is what you’re looking for (: