How to get indoor location postion when app runs in background

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Currently i am working on Estimote indoor location SDK and i am getting X and Y position when app is foreground but i want to also get X and Y position when application is background so its possible in Estimote indoor SDK.

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Afraid that due to limitations that iOS imposes on utilizing Bluetooth when an app runs in the background, Indoor Location can only be run in the foreground at this time. What app are you building, maybe I’ll be able to suggest some workaround?

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I want to generate HeatMap functionality based on X,Y Coordinates of User Location. so can you help me how can i get coordinates when app runs in background and if not possible to get coordinates when app runs in background then any other solutions to generate Heat Map functionality using Estimote beacon.

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Like I mentioned above, unfortunately there’s no way to get (x,y) in the background at this time.

You can use our regular SDK to detect when the user enters and exits some area, and build an approximated heat map based on that. I described it in this post—instead of saving current time, you’d increment a counter. Then you know how many people entered the kitchen.