How to display the detect all iBeacon packets in iOS?

In android part we can use this and get the all beacon uuid,rssi ,major…
region = new Region(“ranged region”, null, null, null);

I dont know how to display the all beacon in iOS, can you help me.

Sadly, that’s not possible on iOS, you need to know at least the UUID. Are you building some kind of generic app that needs to detect any and all iBeacons? What does it do? We’ll see about some alternative solution (:

Yes, this is a kind of generic app that detects all beacons in a particular region and get their Proximity UUID, Major and Minor values.

Found a class “ESTDeviceFilterLocationBeacon” - but it is not able to return ProximityUUID
Alternatively, there is a class “ESTDeviceFilterBeaconV1” - but beacons are not getting discovered using this class

Any help would be appreciable ?

On iOS, I can’t really think of any way to do that. If all the beacons are on your own Estimote Account, then you could use detect the 32-character identifiers of beacons in range, and then use Cloud web API to ask what UUID, major, and minor these beacons are set to.

Or, just set all your beacons to the same UUID (: