How to deal with multiple beacons in a small space?

How should this situation be handled:

Let's say you've got an app for a mall and you've put a beacon in every store in said mall. How do you keep the apps user from being bombarded by hundreds of messages from all the beacons in the mall? If every store is offering some kind of deal, your phone is going to explode with messages.

It seems to me that it could be very annoying if your anywhere near more than one or two beacons at a time.

Hi Jon,

Are we talking about one app for the whole mall? I get that it can be disturbing for a user, but my idea is that the mall app can have an option of choosing which stores are important to you (you're a regular) and which are not. Then you wouldn't get any notifications while passing by the "uninteresting" ones.

Does it make sense?


Yeah one app, hundreds of stores.

I think the best way would probably be then to have all the notices off to start and then opt in to the ones you want to hear from.

Hi Jon,

I think you're right. This way it won't disturb the user from the beginning.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.