How to convince people to turn their Bluetooth on?

Dear all,

As it is my first on hand experience with Estimote beacons, I’m developing an app which will share some information with users within a beacon range, but I’m still expecting some questions to be asked by any user. Why would the user download an app that requires them to turn their Bluetooth on, which eventually will affect the battery’s life. So, what is the best and most convenient answer for this question?

Bluetooth affecting the battery life is a common misconception. Having Bluetooth turned on on iOS will have negligible impact. iPhones 5 and later offload all the background Bluetooth scanning to the Bluetooth chip itself, which is very energy-friendly, as it allows the device itself to go to sleep when not in use, while the chip continues to “passively” scan the environment around it.

So first, educate the users of your app on the minimal impact modern Bluetooth has on their device’s battery.

Second … make sure you provide value to the user! If they really want to have your app and use it, because it helps them do something, they’ll be totally okay with having BT turned on.

I’m perfectly fine with my mail client checking inbox every 15 minutes, even though it drains battery, because I want to know of any messages ASAP. I’m perfectly fine with Instapaper downloading articles in the background, even though it drains battery, because I want to always have them ready for reading when I enter an area without cellular coverage (subway). I’m perfectly fine with Foursquare keeping tabs on my location in the background, even though it drains the battery, because I want to be notified of interesting places in the neighborhood.

Provide enough value to the user, and they’ll be totally okay with the necessary tradeoffs.

Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.

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