How to change users message from iBeacon

Fairly new to this, so maybe this is a simple question.
If you were to implement iBeacons in a cafe, how would the cafe owner change the messages during the day for the iBeacons? i.e. "Apple Pie $3 until 2pm", "Large Coffee special $2" etc etc....
I read this post on the Estimote site but it seems you have to use an extended API with Fleet & CMS.
Is there a tutorial or video on how to do this? I just want to be able to change the information/image that each beacon ultimately allows the user to view.
If I were to approach places of business in the next months, is this functionality available, or do we have to wait for an extended API?
Again, new to this, so I apologize if this is something super easy to do : )

"Since beacons broadcast only tiny amount of information you have to fetch relevant content (e.g. picture of a shoe) from your local database or cloud-based storage.
Don't worry - you don't have to build your own back-end to handle that - you'll be able to use our own fleet and context management system that will be announced with extended API soon."



Thanks a lot for your question!

As for now, we're still working on our Fleet & CMS system.
You can either hard code messages in your app or fetch data from your own cloud.

We'll let you know once our CMS is ready.

Thanks, can you link to an example project?

Also, is there a dashboard for shopkeepers to manage ads?

I am also very interested in the Fleet & CMS system, is there an ETA for it?

Hi Ola,

Yes, will be great when the CMS is ready for sure.
In the meantime do we just have to hardcode the screen views in our apps in an array? Or is there any documentation using Core Data?

Also, at the moment, how would the customer automate sale screens, and promotions based on time of day. i.e. At 3pm "It's happy hour, drinks half price" Would an "Admin" area have to be built into their app?
In the future they'll just be able to login to the CMS and set all this up, correct?


When will the Fleet and CMS be ready? Is there a preview available? Thanks you

Hi Chuck
We've read your question as well.
Please go have a look at
We already have implemented a full Administration platform where you update any time your content per beacon and distance.
You also can contact me directly by Email for any further questions:

Kind Regards,

Seems like the easiest (and dirtiest) way to do this would be to have the app pull the alert's message from an external source (e.g. a web server running in EC2).

Would be pretty easy to schedule changing a file/XML/JSON/HTML response based on time of day, or have a mechanism to update manually for the shop owned.

I'm working on something similar and will post the code when I get to that part of it.

Hi Chuck
I have seen your question and I would like to introduce you our solution called
We have designed a platform works already with your Estimote beacons and different hardware.
You don't need to struggle with a backend system because we offer you a cloud CMS for easy management of beacons and marketing campaigns.
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Oh, I forgot it!
If you have bought already your Estimote dev kit you can use the service for free :)
I hope this can help.

Hi David,

If you're still interested in our solution, please contact me via ula (at) and I will tell you more about our Cloud (CMS).