Estimote Context Management System

I am new to Estimote beacon hardware. In the following YouTube video, Estimote CEO Jakub Krzych talks about a cloud based Context Management System that can be used to associate or define custom messages or images when a mobile device enters a Beacon region.

YouTube Link:

For example, this can be used by a Store Manager to manage marketing material. I have an Estimore account and I can only change beacon settings, I did not find any way to associate contextual info to my beacons (maybe I am not looking in the right area). Is there a tutorial that describes this?


Since that interview, we decided not to pursue the CMS idea.

We want to focus on providing the best beacon hardware (tailored to a variety of use cases: bigger beacons for static objects, sticker beacons for small objects that move all the time), firmware (w/ support for multiple protocols: iBeacon, Eddystone, Nearable, and whatever else comes out in the future), easy to use SDKs to quickly add beacon support to mobile apps, accurate indoor positioning SDK w/ easy calibration (just walk around the room), beacon fleet management for large-scale deployments, security (both on the protocol level—Secure UUID—and firmware level—our enterprise-grade authentication), etc. etc.

It’s a huge list, and it doesn’t cover things we haven’t announced yet but are working on. We simply had to narrow our focus down—and we decided to let go of the CMS, b/c in our minds that was something that is either (a) already solved (ton of CMSes and BaaSes out there, and in the past years even specialized beacon CMSes started popping up from other companies), or (b) easily solvable by developers themselves (writing own backends, integrating with existing systems).

We’d love to do it all, but when faced a choice of: build a CMS (relatively easy) ourselves, leave (e.g.) indoor positioning (super hard) to our community of developers, or vice versa, it became obvious to us that we can contribute much more to the beacon space by letting the Estimote CMS go.

Here are some of the 3rd party beacon CMSes you might want to try and use instead: