How to change Eddystone Configuration Service from off to on?

I am going to change the Eddystone Configuration Service from off to on.
-> Estimote Cloud home page -> Beacon -> Setting -> Edit Setting -> Eddystone Configuration Service -> off -> on

However, if I turn off to on, such message appears.
-> “all advertisers must be disabled first before you can enable Eddystone Configuration Service. Keep in mind that Eddystone Configuration Service requires the use of third party configuration tools.”

Therefore, even if the URL, UID, EID, and TRL of the beacon are all set to off, Eddystone Configuration Service does not change from off to on.

I want to know how to change it.

Thank you.

How about the iBeacon or Estimote Telemetry packets, are these disabled as well?

Thank you for your reply.
I solve the this problem. just not operates due to EID packet Enable.
I could change Eddystone Configuration service on other beacon which did not advertise EID packet.
But if it is enable a Eddystone Configuration Service, the beacon don’t advertise the all packet, so I could not scan the beacon and I could not connect the beacon.

How I connect the beacon, if the beacon is enable the Eddystone Configuration Service.

thank you.

Once you enable Eddystone Configuration Service, you can no longer configure the beacon with the Estimote tools. That’s the whole point, right, to be able to use Eddystone/Google tools instead? (;

No worries though, you can always disable ECS, and then you’ll be able to use the Estimote configuration apps and SDKs again. Just turn ECS off in Estimote Cloud, and then find your beacon on the radar in the Estimote app and connect to it. (The beacon should still appear on the radar like usual.)