Advertisers disabled? Help!

Hi everyone!

Just received my dev kit and in no way am I a developer so this might be one of easier questions on here.

Although we might build out an app, right now I’m trying to just use and push notifications to my phone via the eddystone-URL packet. Everytime I flip the switch on the cloud system it says this…

“All advertisers must be disabled first before
you can enable Eddystone Configuration Service. Keep in mind Eddystone
Configuration Service requires use of third party configuration tools.
It does not support configuration in Estimote Cloud and SDK.”

Also won’t allow any changes to the URL.

Eddystone Configuration Service is something different. It allows you to configure our beacons using Google’s Beacon Tool.

If you want to test Eddystone-URL, go to the Eddystone-URL section instead, enable the packet, and set the URL (: