Indoor map without icons of beacons on each wall

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I am searching but still not find something similar.
I want to know if it’s possible to hide beacon icons in our custom indoor map generated by your SDK ?

See picture below to understand what I search to realize : image

In advance thank you and don’t hesitate if you need more information.

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The showBeacons property of the EILIndoorLocationView is what you’re looking for (:

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Thank you in fact it was that. Nice one.

I have another question which is : if i want another beacon (located in the middle of the room) with another image/icon stays visible is it possible ? See what i want in the screen below :

In advance thank you.

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You’re now looking for the drawObjectInForeground method (:

Just create an UIImageView with an image you want to use, and pass it to this method.

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thank you very much. Nice one again!

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What about in Android?

Is there any attribute to hide beacon in Android SDK ‘com.estimote:indoorsdk:2.0.0’?