How Many Beacons & Detection Mechanism

Hi, I have two questions about the UWB beacons. I have a single UWB beacon attached to the ground and I have five moving UWB tags attached to people within a 5 meter radius circle. The tags are not smartphones, they are just tags with UWB chip inside them.

  1. Can the single UWB beacon simultaneously detect the distance and direction of the 5 moving UWB tags within the circle or do I need 5 beacons as well?
  2. If the 5 tags may not have been previously “seen” or connected to the UWB beacon before. Is there a way for the beacon to still identify the direction/distance of the tags? Kind of like how BLE advertisements can be seen prior to a connection.

It really depends on UWB beacon/tag you plan to use, but the short answer is YES.

One UWB beacon/tag/wearable can actively range and measure distance to MANY other UWB beacons around at the same time. And it really doesn’t matter if one of the beacons is stationary or attached to a moving object.

In fact this is an architecture we used during the COVID for the contact-tracing use-case. You can read more here: Programmable wearable to fight COVID | Reality matters

If you plan to range between many UWB beacons we recommend our JavaScript-programmable UWB beacons with LTE. They can range and send measurements to your end-point.

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