How do send my location to wifi device

can i send my location to a wifi device further sending it to a database use estimote

Hi @Diveneet_singh

Sure you can. In your mobile app you can do everything you want including :

  1. Detect the nearest beacon or your location with bluetooth and beacons around

  2. Call a wifi service with your mobile app too.

Hope it helped


hey @sbeex thanks
if i am getting it right it’s the phone that is sending the location to the wifi ?
is there any other way to send database ?

I’m not sure I understand your use case. What exactly are you trying to achieve? When you say “WiFi device,” do you mean an Access Point? Are you running some custom software on your WiFi AP? What does the AP do with the location data?

Do you mean you wanna send out your location information to cloud? If so , I think you can just send information out via TCP. This has nothing to do with WI-FI specific technology since WI-FI just like ethernet.