How do beacons work with apple wallet (passbook)


I just got a few beacons. I am trying to setup a pilot that sends coupons/ads to apple wallet (passbook).

My question is that do users have to click on a link and download the pass from a browser first to get notified by beacons when they are nearby. Can the beacons wake the passbook app directly without the need for downloading a pass first from the internet.


Beacons only broadcast their UUID, and the Wallet app doesn’t automagically know how to interpret these. So you need to first download a pass that has a UUID embedded in it, and only then the Wallet app knows which beacons to scan for, and will pop up the pass on the lock screen when in range of the beacon with that UUID.

Are there any passbook coupon providers that work with estimote beacons?

This is one I know about:

Passslot also offers the ability to trigger passes through Estimote beacons. They wrote a blogpost about it here: