Beacon settings issues Here and Now

Trying to use Here and Now on iOS.

I’ve connected the beacons using the Estimote app and on the Estimote cloud it’s still saying the beacons are still settings pending.

Also tried the deployment app. using the remote fleet management which suggested it was successful but the cloud still says they are pending. Also getting a message in beacon settings my Here & Now ‘links are not configured’

Also noticing the Here and Now menu on the Estimote Cloud site frequently fails to load the page correctly.

The whole thing seems to be temperamental, I managed to get one beacon working and using the same approach for my other two i’m having no success.

Any ideas? I’m thinking of sending them back at this rate.

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Seems to be buggy… Have the same problem and no answer from the support here in the forum.

I have made other changes (i.e. a simple broadcasting power settings change) in the cloud and connected to the beacon through the IOS app and that worked fine.

So the error seems to be in the Here & Now setting where the IOS app wont update the beacon?

Upon clicking on Beacon “Details” under the Here & Now section, the site frequently fails to load information.

I have tried every major browser available for Mac (Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox) in order to find out if it was a browser issue. But no, it happens across all of them.

The major issue is that foot traffic info is only available through the Details section; so I am unable to provide this info on a regular basis.