Here & Now - Beacon Awaiting Configuration


I just tried to set up Here & Now link in Estimote Cloud, but it still shows “Beacon Awaiting Configuration”. I’ve tried to update configuration using mobile app, but Here & Now still doesn’t work.
After setting up H&N link in cloud it also continuously displays “Pending Settings” next to beacon on the list, however there is no problem with updating Eddystone URL, although it shows pending settings.

I’m totally confused…


Are you using the Estimote Android app by any chance? At this time, Here & Now configuration can only be performed by connecting to the beacon with our iOS app or SDK, sorry about that!

Hi there,
I am experiencing the same issue.
I’ve added a link to the beacon in the Here and Now section.
This is the message I am getting
"Beacon Awaiting Configuration
Approach this beacon with Estimote App
to finish its configuration".
Of course I’ve launched the Estimote iOS app, but nothing has changed.


Did this ever get resolved?
I have the same issue with one of my Beacons, although not with another. The one that is OK doesn’t send the link to an iOS device though.
When it says connect them to the deployment app what is exactly meant by that?



is the ios App working? I cannot change my settings.
And right now the cloud is stucked on "this beacon has pending settings’… I openned ios app Deployment and update like 10 times !!!
And of course when I am in the cloud and i try to “cancel pending settings”, nothing happens.

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Any news on this topic?

Have IOS app and Estimote cloud beacon status keeps saying that there’s pending updates.

I connect to the beacon from the IOS app but the status doesn’t change?