Here and Now is showing too many notifications

I created a. Link for the beacon. The problem is the notification may come up 5 to 10 times. Why is this happening? It should only show once. I need to use this for an event tomorrow and Im not sure how to fix this.


aren’t you using the ranging technology? To have a notification once when entering/exiting the region you should use the monitoring technology: doc’.

Im not sure the difference. What is the monitoring technology? Im trying to understand how it works. I am using Here and Now. Is monitoring in Estimote cloud settings?

  • the monitoring technology allows you to control the stream in an area (Region), the listener implements the following methods: onEnteredRegion() & onExitedRegion(). So you are notified when a beacon enters or exits your defined region.
  • using the ranging technology, you scan for all the beacons you can, implementing the onBeaconsDiscovered() method: it’s more like a radar, controlling the distance between the device and the devices.

Please tell me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

How do I fix this with Here and Now. I am using one location beacon.

Sorry but what is Here and Now?

Its an Estimote feature.

Hum… I don’t know soory :frowning:

I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but I have experienced unwanted side effects associated with monitoring. For instance, I had a beacon on my desk and an app running on my phone. It would indicate that I had entered the region, and then, after some inconsistent period of time, the app would start notifying me that I had left the region and then immediately entered the region. Once it started into that path, it would be pretty consistent until I either restarted the app or turned the beacon on and off.

Perhaps this is the issue that is going on with Here and Now? I have read some things on the forum about how the broadcast interval and signal strength can be adjusted, and also that some devices that are older can have issues. I updated the broadcast interval and signal strength on my beacon, but this did not resolve the issue.

Thanks! It is confusing and no one has helped me resolve the issue. How can the broadcast interval and signal strength can be adjusted?

You need to log into the Estimote cloud platform (or connect to the beacon on your phone using the Estimote app). Once you are viewing the beacon details, for the broadcast interval, click on Advertising Interval, and reduce the length of time by sliding the slider towards short. For the signal strength, click on Transmit Power (Tx), and increase the power. NOTE: This will also increase the range of the beacon advertising, so if your use case requires being very close to the beacon before you are considered “entering the region”, you need to keep this in mind.

Here is a link to the issue I found in the forums:

I would like the signal to reach 650 feet because the event is in a large building but when I am testing it in my home I get a notification every 5 to 10 minutes and I don’t know why. I didnt want them to be very close but I don’t want them to be annoyed with so many notifications. Thanks!

From everything I read in the forum post it is something that you apparently just have to play with until you get it right, but like I said, I couldn’t get that to work reliably.

BTW, what type of notifications are you broadcasting at the event?

Good luck! Hopefully you get it figured out before the big day!

Thanks! I will keep trying. Have to use it at an event tomorrow.

I’m having the same exact problem receiveing the same message 5+ times! Did you ever figure it out? It’s driving me crazy!
Thanks, Ryan

Hey did you ever figure out the problem because I’m having the same issue?

im having the same issues… but i think the issue is bc we are not using an app with them… are you guys just broadcasting them out there without an app. im not using an app and i am getting sometimes 1 notification and other times 7.

I am not using an app with it. I contacted the support team and they told me to change the interval to 3000ms and it should help. It definitely helped but will still show up a second or third time sometimes.