Multiple notification

Hi, How can i solve the problem of receiving multiple notification from the same beacon?
Thank you

Hi @nahed,

are you using the monitoring or ranging technology?

Hi @Ximun,
Yes i am using this technology

  • the ranging technology is done to notice you every second (you can change this duration) what beacons are around you,
  • the monitoring technology only notices you when you enter or exit the specified region.

Where are you experiencing an issue?

I am using the monitoring technology. I think that onExitedRegion is called some time after onEnteredRegion automatically consistantly. that is way i received multiple notification but i didn’t exit the region. so how i can resolve that?

Did you change the background scan period or the region exit expiration settings?

i put : beaconManager.setBackgroundScanPeriod(2000, 1000);

Try commenting the line with setBackgroundScanPeriod(). Does it notifies a lot?

The same thing i received multiple notification

Really I don’t understand, it works well with me (the exit notification comes about 20 seconds after I stopped the broadcasting).
Can you share your code (if it’s Android)?