Newbie - BASIC tutorial needed


Can someone point me to a VERY BASIC tutorial on how to activate the Beacon Manager and list beacons in range of the phone?

I’m developing for Android in Visual Studio 2015 using C# / Xamarin.

I am totaly new so i need everything spelled out in details. Tried Google but no cigar !

Hope it’s out there somewhere !


We do not have Xamarin tutorial at this moment. We offer both iOS & Android tutorials only at our Developer Portal.


Yes - I noticed that there is no Xamarin tutorial available.

Anyway - I’ll just have to figure it out as I go.

Might be something you can consider? After all there is quite a few developers on the Microsoft platform building apps for cross platform usage and any “getting started” help will always be welcome I should think :smile:

In a perfect world with infinite resources, we’d love to have SDKs and tutorials for every single platform out there (:

Since it sadly isn’t the case, we have to prioritize. But just like you said, the Xamarin and Visual Studio developer community is quite prominent, so that’s certainly something rather high on our list, side-by-side with a PhoneGap/Cordova tutorial.

Hi, are you still working with Xamarin and Estimote? I need some advice. Please let me know.