Getting Temperature sensor values android

Hey, i have both location and proximity beacons. I want to get temperature values in android application. I know i have to connect to beacon. But i am not getting how to do it. If you guys could send me an easy tutorial on how to connect to my beacons and to get temperature values from my beacons, that would be great. Thank you.

Hi @qummer,

follow this to connect and get data from the device.


to get the temperature.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hey, Thank you. but i still could not do it. How i connect with the beacon. Sorry to bother you. but it is not recognizing symbol device and device connection callback is underlined. Further i have to ask do i have to write a code to add the username and password of my cloud account to connect to beacons first. I am very confused in this respect.

What is symbol device in the code?


I didn’t tell you that you have to scan for ConfigurableDevice packets before. That’s the device in the code ^^