Beacon's battery life & temperature in Android

We are using Proximity beacons. I want particular beacon’s battery life, temperature etc… in Android App.

I have implemented ranging in my application. So, when I got any beacon(near by me) in RangingListener at that time i also want that particular beacon’s battery life, temperature etc…

Is that possible in android ? Please guide me.

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Maybe this helps.

Best way to do that is through the Telemetry packet:

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We are using Proximity beacons. Is this working for Proximity beacons?

I have tried this demo but I didn’t receive any data. I got telemetries list with 0 size of data even I am in beacon’s rang.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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It works with our 2nd generation of Proximity Beacons, hardware revision “G”.

1st generation (hardware rev “D”) sadly hadn’t yet supported the Telemetry packet. In which case you need to connect to the beacon (, and access temperature (device.settings.sensors.temperature and battery % (device.settings.power.batteryPercentage) from there.


If I have list of beacons around me then How can I identify temperature value by its major & minor of beacons?

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Hello Monik,

Did it work for you? Because I was not able to connect to the cloud, knowing that I have generated the required tokens and included them in my app. Kindly reply on the following if you have something working.
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Have you tried connecting to the beacon per the link from my previous post, and then accessing temperature/battery/major/minor via device.settings.*?

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Sorry for the late reply. I tried connecting to the proximity beacon as guided in the link, however it did not work for me. :confused: My question is, once we scan for our proximity beacon, how can we identify it? because what I am getting is a NULL configurable device object. So basicaly I am not being able to identify my device, and the link did not cover this part.

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I also didn’t get any result. Please guide us how can we identify our device.

In iOS, Estimote provide method for getting particular beacon’s telemetry info(Battery life, Temperature…). Something like we just need to pass beacon’s major, minor for connection and we can get that particular beacon’s telemetry info from Proximity beacons.

Is that possible in android for any type of beacon Location, Proximity ?

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