Get temperature from beacon

I need to get temperature from my beacon.I tried using BeaconManager.setTelemetryListner,but it is returning an empty list.I am not sure if the beacon is proximity or location beacon. How to find it out?I know that the hardware revision of my beacon id “D”.
If it is proximity beacon then how should i connect to beacon to get the temperature.
Thank you in advance.

Sadly, the “D” revision beacons don’t support Telemetry. To read data from their sensors, you need to:

  1. Connect to the beacon:

  2. Once you have the DeviceConnection object, you can access the sensors via:



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Thank you for response.I could successfully connect to the beacon and obtained Sensor.Temperature object.Could you please clarify 1 more doubt.i.e.
How to retrieve Celsius value from this object?

It already is in degrees Celsius (:

i needed float vlaue.
But ReadableDeviceSetting<java.lang.Float> temperature() is returning me an object.
I found out that i need to use
get(new SettingCallback() {});
for getting the float value.
Am i correct?

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Yup, that’s correct! (:

Thank you so much :slight_smile: