Get color of beacon

Greetings, I can’t find any documentation how to obtain the color of a beacon? I realize you have to be connected to Estimote Cloud.

Also, what is
and how can you set the value? I’m seeing “EST” and “estimote” has the response to all of my beacons currently.

Thanks in advance!

I think I figured it out:

    EstimoteCloud.getInstance().fetchBeaconDetails(beacon.getMacAddress(), new CloudCallback<BeaconInfo>() {
        public void success(BeaconInfo beaconInfo) {
            Log.e(TAG, beaconInfo.color);

        public void failure(EstimoteServerException e) {
            Log.e(TAG, "BEACON INFO ERROR: " + e);
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Yup, that’s correct.

Hi, how can I do this on the new Proximity SDK? thanks

We have no native classes/wrappers for querying the Cloud at this point in the new SDK. You can instead query the Estimote Cloud API yourself:

At Estimote, we like the OkHttp library for querying our APIs, here’s an example on how to query an API for JSON data:

You’d want to use url(, and this to extract the color:

String jsonData = responses.body().string();
JSONObject Jobject = new JSONObject(jsonData);
String color = Jobject.getString("color");