Beacon scanning

I have to find the beacons around me and display them pointing: UUID, Major, Minor, Distance and Color.
What do you think is the right technique to use?
The Ranging allows me to do this but I do not know how to take the color of the beacon.

Hi @DColonna82,
you can get the UUID, major, minor and compute the distance with a classic iBeacon packet.

But you will have to connect to your Estimote cloud to fetch more details from the beacon (the color).

But I want to see all the beacons around me, even those that are not part of my Estimote Cloud.
I would like to see the details plus the color. How can I do?

I’m not sure you can get the color of a beacon without connecting to the cloud.
Maybe can you request more details from the cloud, for beacons you do not own?