Flutter + Estimote support


I know this question has been asked before, but I wanted to ask again.

We’re working on a POC for a new project and would like to use the Flutter framework. Has anyone used the Estimote Beacons with a Flutter project?

We’re wanting to use the Estimote Secure Monitoring SDK with Proximity beacons.



Looks like there’s a way to interact with native code in Flutter:

From what I understand, you’d need to create a MethodChannel, and:

  • first, invoke it from Flutter into native, and on the native side you handle the invocation to set up the Proximity Observer, your Proximity Zones, and start observing
  • then, in the Proximity Zone’s enter/exit/context-changed events, invoke it from the native side, into Flutter, and on the Flutter side handle the event (update your app’s state/UI)

For example, on iOS, I see that FlutterMethodChannel has setMethodCallHandler: for handling Flutter => native invocations, and invokeMethod:arguments: for doing native => Flutter invocations.