Flip to Sleep - Strange action

I am working in a project with ibeacons and I am having some problems with “flip to sleep”.
In the dev docs, they say to flip the estimote beacon to exit the region get out of region.
I tried with my beacon but this working different.

For example:
1) I flip the beacon and I enter in the didEnterRegion function.
2) I turn again the beacon and I enter in the didExitRegion function.

There is any problem with the estimote beacon or am I doing something wrong?


So when your beacon is upside-down, you get an enter instead of the exit? :slight_smile:

If so, then quite likely there’s been a small mixup in our factory, and the PCB inside the enclosure is upside-down itself. You can peel the sticky tape off the back, this will give you access to the PCB. Pull it out, and put it back in reversed, that should do it!