"Flip to Sleep" not working on Android M

‘Flip to sleep’ is enabled and a beacon is placed upside down to simulate that it’s not broadcasting. The onExitedRegion() callback is not getting triggered.

Environment details:
Android OS version: 6
Android Phone: Nexus 6p
Estimote OS version: A 3.2.0
Android Library version: 0.9.1 (com.estimote:sdk:0.9.1@aar)

I figured that there’s an issue with Estimote cloud. When you download a template, you’re prompted to use a becon in a drop down. Next, you can download a zip containing Android project. The issue is the beacon UUID within Application Java file was wrong.

Oh, thanks for the report! Which template was that?

Notification template for Android.

Code snippet from MyApplication.java is below:

// new BeaconID(“foo”, 100, 10),
new BeaconID(“bar”, 26000, 61228),

It turns out that “foo” is the right UUID for the beacon that I selected before downloading the zip.

Oops, thanks, that’s a bug indeed. Just fixed it, so any new app you generate from the Notification template should be okay!