False indoor location update

My indoor location update continuously but my iPhone is on table not moving but don’t know why its update my location continuously

Can you double-check if you have the latest version of the app (1.3) installed? Which iPhone do you have?

I checked, i am using indoor location sdk version 1.4.0 and i am using iPhone 5
One thing more if i increase estimote power for increase detect region of estimote, this will be affect on position accuracy in positive way

Indoor Location requires your beacons to be broadcasting with the maximum power (4 dBm). Other requirements: basic adv interval 200 ms or less, basic power saving mode disabled.

Yes i am using beacon with these configuration which you are mention

Actually my application aim is to locate other user position i just save position x,y,orientation and accuracy value to my server which i get form indoor location delegate methods and these value update on other side which user want to locate him/her

We’ve just released version 1.6 of our SDK, with further improvements to positioning stability and accuracy. Mind giving it a try? (: