Cannot set Broadcasting Power to +10dBm


I just started playing with my beacons. I wanted to test their range at maximum broadcasting power.

At Knowledge base > Beacons I have found information that maxiumum is power is +4dBm with a exception that beacons with hardware revision “F3.3” have maximum of +10dBm.

I can set “+10dBm” at Estimote Cloud > Estimote Location setting yet when I connect to beacon with Estimote Android App it is still +4dBm and after I while Cloud also switches back to 4dBm, despite I did set it to 10 dBm.

Am I setting it correctly? Are my beacons cappable of 10dBm? Isn’t that some kind of bug?

My beacons are Location Beacons with Firmware Version 4.9.4 and Hardware Version F3.3. I have Android 6.0.1 with Estimote 2.3.0 app.