Extracting temperature sensor & motion sensor data

I am writing an node application which uses Noble js framework to access Estimote beacons.
Once connected to the beacon I would like to access sensor data from the Estimote. When I issue GATT commands I can see some services. But is there a document explaining what services indicate sensor data for an Estimote beacon? By the way I am not using Estimote SDK here.


Yes, unfortunately, in Proximity Beacons sensor data is gated behind our pairing & configuration protocol.

Our brand new Location Beacons however can broadcast the sensor data directly in an advertising packet (called Estimote Telemetry), which any Bluetooth library (like Noble) can detect and parse.

Do I have to buy new Beacons (means another $99) for that or can I use existing beacons and upgrade firmware?

Sadly, the new firmware with the Telemetry packet is incompatible with the current Proximity Beacon hardware.

The new beacons are pretty sweet though: they pack 4 batteries, a GPIO connector so that you can hook them up and control the advertising from a Raspberry Pi, they can broadcast multiple packets at once, have more sensors (ambient light, magnetometer), etc. It’s not just the Telemetry packet! (:

Sure. It’s sounds cool indeed. But with the price tag and lack of backward compatibility not sure my company will go that route though. Thanks a lot for your help though. Very helpful.


How can i use noble with reading sensor data like temperature , GPIO etc…
as of now my guess is noble just gives rssi, range kind of data. let me know if I am wrong