Estimote Proximity Beacon with Raspberry Pi


Hi Guys,

I have an IOT project in mind using estimote proximity beacons and raspberry pi. I would like to switch on a light when raspberry pi detects the respective beacon in its range. One beacon will be associated with one particular light.

How can I make the raspberry pi detect the estimote beacons and trigger the light control ??

is there any guide that i can follow for reference ?

Thanks in Advance,



You can use our Node.js script for detecting Estimote Telemetry packets:

It’s based on noble, a Node.js Bluetooth detection library, which works on Raspberry Pi. You just need to install bluez, there are installation instructions for Raspbian here:


Thank you for the response.

Will i be able to detect a unique id along with the telemetry packets coming from the particular proximity beacon ??


The Estimote Telemetry packet contains half of the full device identifier—should be unique enough for most cases (: