Detecting motion, no internet connection

Hi, I am sorry if I missed something, but there is something I can not figure out.
I want to use a raspberry pi to detect when some objects enter in a certain range.
I would LOVE to use the motion sensor data to find out if a beacon is still (the object has been placed on a shelf)

Is there a way to get this data WITHOUT internet connection? Even if it involves disabling secure UIIDs it would be good for me.

It is a very hard limitation not to be able to read that data without a internet connection.

thank you

Curious, what are you building? (:

The easiest way to do that would be the Estimote Telemetry packet:

You can use this Node.js script to detect and parse the Telemetry packets on your Rasp Pi:

Wow this is very interesting and seems to perfectly suit my case!!
I am working on an interactive installation for a company, where we have different videos being triggered when you place an object on a shelf.

This repo and this file especially should be linked in the docs, they are very useful for devs. Or maybe they are already linked and I missed them?

Thank you very much for your help.

It’s linked to in the Estimote Telemetry documentation:

… but if you missed it, then we probably need to do a better job surfacing it!

ok or maybe I need to look better :smiley: thank you, my hardware version must be too old because I can not get the telemetry information using this code… any workaround for older beacons?

Estimote Telemetry is available on hardware versions starting with “G” and “F”, if you have these, then just double-check if the packet is enabled, you can do that with the Estimote iOS/Android app.

“D” hardware doesn’t support Telemetry sadly. But, you can use the iOS app (and I think maybe the Android app too) to enable “Motion UUID” on these older beacons. It makes the beacons broadcast a different iBeacon UUID when in motion, than when static. You could then use e.g. the bleacon Node.js library to do iBeacon detection on your RPi, and depending on which UUID you detect, you’ll know if the beacon is moving or not.

Excellent, will try that, thank you.

Unfortunately I can not find the option on my Android app, and I don’t have an Iphone.
Is there any other way to enable it?

Yes, via the SDK:

(Pardon some temporary formatting problems.) You can follow this doc up to the “Writing device settings”, and for Motion UUID, you’d use something like this:

deviceConnection.settings.beacon.enableMotionUUID().set(true, // callback here