Seriously no one from estimote team can reply how to connect to Location beacon and retrieve temerature and GPIO data


Do we have any developers who is able to connect to Location Beacon and retrieve beacons temperature and GPIO data.

Looking for ios development using either Objective C or Swift.

I have not yet played with it but the below github link is where I will be starting.

Thank you Wade for responding

Yes I have looked into it.
All I am looking into is reading temperature sensor and GPIO telemetry packet data.
The code that the github showed is what i implemented and am unable to read temperature data.

So here are my questions

a) Does my App have to connect to beacon device to read the temperature data or not ( I meant connecting is to detect beacon that i intend to read thru its UUID , Major and Minor)
If No need to connect how do i read temperature data and know the temperature is from which device.

b) I am using proximity app template from estimote cloud to connect to location beacon and read sensor data. ( not sure if that is the right way as estimote does not have Location beacon template)

c) the github ios-sdk repository is divided into 2 parts client and utility. not exactly able to figure out what is the difference.

Let me know if more details are required.

Thanks again for all the help.



Wish I could answer any of these questions affirmatively right now but I am going to play with it a little next week as I have a raspberry pi, breadboard, LEDs, switches and jumpers on hand.

I will post my results and some sample code as soon as I get a chance to dig into it.


Thank you. Looking forward to work on this.


So this is the piece of code on my custom App

Using Swift

    let devicefilter = ESTDeviceFilterLocationBeacon(identifier: "de396be57fbbdd39539a41fad4e1ce2c")
    let temperatureNotification: ESTTelemetryNotificationTemperature = ESTTelemetryNotificationTemperature(notificationBlock: {(temperature: ESTTelemetryInfoTemperature) -> Void in
        NSLog("Current temperature: %@ C", temperature.temperatureInCelsius)

using Objective C

self.manager  = [[ESTDeviceManager alloc] init];

ESTDeviceFilterLocationBeacon *be = [[ESTDeviceFilterLocationBeacon alloc] initWithIdentifier:@"de396be57fbbdd39539a41fad4e1ce2c"];
[self.manager startDeviceDiscoveryWithFilter: be];
self.manager.delegate = self;

ESTTelemetryNotificationTemperature *temperatureNotification = [[ESTTelemetryNotificationTemperature alloc]
                                                                initWithNotificationBlock:^(ESTTelemetryInfoTemperature *temperature) {
                                                                    NSLog(@"Current temperature: %@ C", temperature.temperatureInCelsius);

[self.manager registerForTelemetryNotification:temperatureNotification];

My best guess is either the registration is not happening or EST telemetry packets are not being sent.

Second thing i noticed is from Estimote app itself

When i Login into the Estimote App - the LED on estimote Location Beacon starts blinking and the moment i logout the light stops blinking.

My thinking on Blinking is broadcasting data ( not sure if i am right or wrong)



Thanks for that. I have to think that info is available when the data is presented on each broadcast so I would think that it is something which is in the object returned from the delegate. I need to drill into the framework a bit to see what’s available and where it might be contained.