ESTTelemetryInformation it not stable

We are having Location Beacons,

Hardware Ver - 4.3
Firmware Ver - 4.13.1
iOS ver - above 10.3

We have implemented application for retrieving telemetry informations by using the following code.

But its not working constantly. For example

  1. If we show the torch light on beacon “Ambient Light” parameter is not updating immediately, constantly shows 0

  2. If beacon is moving “Motion Sensor” is not updating immediately, constantly shows “Not Moving”. (Motion detection is on in Dashboard)

But in Estimote Cloud app, all those params are frequently updating. Can you give us solution for this issues?

Sample Code (for ambient light):

  let lightInfo:ESTTelemetryInfoAmbientLight = ESTTelemetryInfoAmbientLight.init(shortIdentifier:"31b6f9ff7a57148a")

    let ampientLightNotification = ESTTelemetryNotificationAmbientLight{(light) in
        self.lightLbl.text = "\(light.ambientLightLevelInLux) lux"
    ampientLightNotification.fireNotificationBlock(with: lightInfo)

    deviceManager.register(forTelemetryNotifications: [ampientNotification])