UWB automapping feature

Hi, 2 years ago I bought 4 boxes of UWB beacons.
Until now it is impossible to automap them because the functionality is not implemented. Should I wait more?

Any help?



Anybody in Estimote could tell when I will be able to use automapping function with UWB Beacons.


There’s a demo of auto-mapping available in the Estimote Indoor Location app. Other than that, we don’t currently have any publicly-available tools for auto-mapping bigger spaces, and there’s currently no timeline for that. I know this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, and we’re sorry about that. If you have an important project lined up that needs Indoor Location, email us to contact@estimote.com, and we’ll see how we can help.

I can understand that the company want to change its focus to another products.

Which I really can not understand is how you can advertise AND sell a product that is useless, because in no place the limitation of 4 beacons was stated (in fact there is an official video showing auto-mappping with several beacons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULBN4yv9-EY ).

At that moment, you told me that the auto-mapping feature was under development and I should wait. Several month later, you discontinued UWB Beacons.

Aditionally, UWB Beacons were more expensive that the “classic” Location ones. I spend more money for just a demo?

I’m not happy with Estimote. I think Kontakt has a much better product.

Are UWB Location beacons really discontinued?

How well does the auto-mapping feature work? Is there a video of someone actually using this feature beyond what the CEO did at the conference with four beacons on the ground in a square?


No, they’re not discontinued. These days, we tend to use them more for UWB-based, indoor/precise positioning. In one of our recent test deployment (at an actual site at one of our customer’s), we got about ~ 30 cm precision.

That said, neither this nor automapping is something we consider ready for the general release. We have a lot of internal tooling & libraries, which work great for us, but aren’t polished enough to just put them on GitHub. Which is also why we’re not selling Location Beacons in dev kits right now, and instead they’re only available as part of B2B contracts for hardware, software, and services/support.

I don’t know if they are discontinued or not. It’s semantics.

What I can tell you is that we bough 4 boxes of UWB Beacons for completely nothing.
The automapping feature only works for 4 beacons in a demo inside Estimote app (so, it’s nothing).

The precision is the same that any common and cheaper beacon: 5 meters being extremely lucky.

With respect to your question. There are only two videos: One of the CEO showing 4 beacons on the floor and another in which a man put several beacons and the floor recreates automagically (Lie).

My advice, dont loose money or time. Try beacons from another company.