EstimoteIndoorSDK is not using latest EstimoteSDK

I’ve installed EstimoteIndoorLocationSDK with cocoa pods and it deleted the EstimoteSDK I had (v 3.3) and installed other version (v 2.4) now when I import EstimoteSDK/EstimoteSDK.h i have a “now such file” error.Can you help me please?

In addition to this I have 1 question.Is there a possibility to have the IndoorLocationSDK and EstimoteSDK 3.3.1 together in the same time?

At this point, Indoor SDK requires the Estimote SDK in precisely the 2.4 version. We’re hard at work this sprint to update it to the latest 3.x version, so you can expect this to be fixed in a few weeks.

Not sure if it’s possible to use both 2.4 (for Indoor) and 3.3.1 (for the rest of your app) at the same time without running into conflicts. My gut feeling says “no” … :pensive:

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Thank you very much for the answer, this morning I saw the pod specs and I realised that too.I refactored my app to the 2.4 Estimote SDK and now works good.

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It’s been a few weeks since this post - any update? I’d be interested in having my beacons on the latest and greatest of both SDKs if possible…

Looks like I might have underestimated the timeline a little bit, really sorry about that! :sweat: The most current ETA is tracking towards the end of this month.

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Just a gentle ping on this again. Any update?

Yes, I can finally talk a little bit more about what we’ve been up to these past few months, and what’s up ahead. Hopefully this will also shed some light on why this long-promised update has been slipping up.

We’ve just released a major update to our Indoor Location technology which brings together most of our stack—Indoor Location, Nearables, Estimote Cloud—in something which in our minds is the beginning of an Estimote Location Intelligence Platform (: This (still warm from the oven!) blog post describes it in more detail:

Now that this is out the door, we’re focusing our efforts on a few key things mentioned in the blog post: background mode, improving the calibration and the setup process, and … yes, bringing all of these in a grand update to the Indoor SDK.

I know this might not be exactly what you were hoping to hear, as at the end of the day, we still don’t have the update I promised—and believe me, we’re really sorry about that. Our goal as a young and growing company is to keep shipping often and quickly, and it pains us whenever we slip up. But we were working really hard recently to bring all of this exciting new tech to our platform, and when the updated SDK finally comes out, it’s going to be much more than just compatibility with Estimote SDK 3.0. User avatars, finding nearables, background support, etc. I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.

Thanks for the update - I read that blog post yesterday and can’t wait to see some of those features in the SDK. Please keep us posted as to the progress!

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Piotr - was wondering if there was an ETA on the latest update? I could really use support for multiple rooms in the app I’m developing (not to mention all of the other goodies promised in this update). Thanks!

Good timing! As we speak, our Indoor engineers are preparing an Indoor SDK 2.0 release—barring any unforeseen complications, should by out by the end of the week.

This release will come with full compatibility with Estimote SDK 3.8.0 (also due this week) and onwards.

All the additional features we’ve mentioned are still on the roadmap, and will come in post 2.0 releases. Think of the 2.0 release as a gateway to further expansion of the Indoor SDK (:

Hey, great to hear! Looking forward to seeing what is coming out in the 2.0 release. And very happy to see it will be compatible with the new main SDK. Hoping to see as much movement in the Indoor SDK as we have seen lately with the main SDK!