Estimote SDK file build for unsupported file Format

Hello, all! I’m delving into writing mobile apps that talk to bluetooth beacons and I quickly got my app up and running on Android.

However, I’ve been trying to import the Estimote SDK into my project, and I keep getting a Linker Warning (which subsequently turns into a Linker Error).

“Ignoring file EstimoteSDK.framework/EstimoteSDK”, file was built for unsupported file format which is not the architecture being linked (x86_64)

I’ve looked all over for help making this right, trying different build settings, etc. but nothing has seemed to work. Are my settings in XCode bad? Surely SOMEONE has had a similar error?Thanks a bundle!

I have the same problem, hope to receive fast response from Estiomote

I was able to make this work by just switching to use Objective-C instead. Also, I started using version 4.18.0 instead of 4.19.0. Many people have complained about 4.19.0.

Thanks, I could also build