Estimote SDK: Turn off CoreLocation

Hello people,

is it possible to tell the estimote sdk to only use CoreBluetooth and not CoreLocation?
I discovered that i get all my events, without even have location services turned on.
so i would like to not even get asked by the sdk, if i wanted to allow location.

Is this possible?


Not with our Proximity SDK, no. In fact, we’ll be updating it in the future to respect/enforce the location permissions more strictly, even though we primarily use Core Bluetooth, which technically doesn’t require location services on iOS.

The moral/ethical argument is, it’s just the right thing to do: giving the user a heads up that you’re accessing their location, and giving them an option to opt out.

More pragmatic arguments are, you risk running into trouble with Apple (app rejection for privacy violation/API misuse—I guess in extreme cases, you could even get your developer account banned), legal (GDPR), or just bad publicity/public outcry.