Advertising Interval and Transmit Power cannot be changed in Estimote Monitoring

How can I change these configures in Estimote Monitoring?
I really need to change these please help me.

Hey there @cablel. Unfortunately you won’t be able to change these values due to reliability reasons. Can you describe us your usecase, so we can help you any other way?


I know the thread is a year old, but I would like to express my concerns about this as well.

I would prefer not going into details about my use-case, but imagine e.g. a scenario with beacons placed in a shopping mall with the intention of providing location aware marketing stuff to end users with a specific app. The Estimote config app claims that -4dBm gives about 40m of range, but I suppose that is line-of-sight, right? In a shopping mal there will be all kinds of stuff blocking the way; soft walls, infrastructure, info-boards, people, etc. So why am I not allowed to boost the TX power? The only downside with it that I can imagine is that allowing users to chose TX power would make your ranging algorithms less accurate? Am I on to something? Anyway, I don’t really care about exact range. I just want to be able to differentiate between inside the mall and anywhere else in the world.

I suppose I could use iBeacon packets instead and have the opportunity to boost the power up to +4dBm, and even play around with advertising intervals to save some power, but then I would lose Estimote backend functionality like having Tags and Attachments associated with the beacons, right? I really like those features, so I worry that if push comes to shove, and it turns out that we need better range, I will have to rewrite a lot of my code, use the iBeacon format, and make my own backend with Tag-like functionality. Have I missed something? Are there any workarounds?