Changing signal strength for beacon advertising

As my project cannot work reliably using Zones I’m forced to use scannerFactory to scan beacons nearby and find one with the strongest signal.
But problem is that I also need to limit broadcasting power for certain beacons and that is something I cannot do.
I tried changing Broadcasting Power for Connectivity Packet but no matter what power I choose I cannot see any differences in signal strength detected by smartphone.
Is there any possibility to change power that will affect signal strength detected by scannerFactory?

Hi! Connectivity Packet is only used to connect to beacons and it won’t be any useful if you need signal measurements, I wouldn’t recommend modifying its settings. Consider testing different Tx powers of iBeacon and then try listening to beacons’ signal. Keep in mind that the measurements won’t be very accurate due to constant fluctuations of BLE signal.

I’m curious, why the zone-based monitoring won’t work for your use case? Estimote Monitoring is, in general, more accurate than the other packets available.

Hi Piotr,

my goal is to find the strongest signal in certain area and that is something that does not work properly using Zones. I don’t need any advanced features to precisely detect zone entering, I only need to check which signal dominates in certain area. I even implemented filtering features and it is working reasonably good but I still want to limit few beacons.
When I was using zones I had problems with detecting range of beacons and also had random switching between beacons.

So, only way to have control over broadcasting power is to use different protocol, for example iBeacon?

Hey. Yes, typically iBeacon or Eddystone packets are used for such purposes. You can use the Estimote app to modify their Tx powers, alternatively use the Estimote Cloud or Cloud API.