Estimote iOS App on iOS 7.1

I upgraded my 3rd Gen iPad to iOS 7.1, while my iPhone 5S is still on 7.0.4. When using the Estimote app on both devices, the iPhone can see the iPad when the iPad is broadcasting, but when the iPhone is broadcasting, the iPad can't see the iPhone.

My colleague tested the Estimote app on iOS 7.1 with an actual physical Estimote iBeacon, and he said it worked fine, so I'm hoping the issue is not with iOS 7.1.

Has there been any testing on iOS 7.1? Has anyone else seen this issue?

Hi Seth,

Have you enabled the location service in your iPad? I know disabling it can generate this kind of behaviour.

Rebooting the iPad did the trick. Must have been something with Bluetooth hanging after the 7.1 beta 5 upgrade.

I'm glad you solved it :)