Estimote beacons not detected with AltBeacon library

Hi Team,

Beacons are not detected from the Android application.

Currently we are using AltBeacon library in our Application as our application need to support multiple beacon types including estimote.

We would want to continue to use AltBeacon library for all types of beacons.

Is there any specific changes we need to support estimote ?

Kannan V

Nothing specific, your Estimotes should work with the AltBeacon library out of the box.

Does the Estimote Android app detect your beacons? Have you set the AltBeacon library to scan for iBeacons?

Thanks for the update.

Yes Estimote android apps detects beacons. We have set IBeacons to scan through AltBeacon library.

I encountered the same problem. What I did to solve this is adding a beaconmanager parser.

beaconManager.getBeaconParsers().add(new BeaconParser().setBeaconLayout("m:2-3=0215,i:4-19,i:20-21,i:22-23,p:24-24"));

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I am using the latest version of all beacon library and also adding the beacon parse

 val parser = BeaconParser().setBeaconLayout("m:2-3=0215,i:4-19,i:20-21,i:22-23,p:24-24")

but this not detecting my beacon.
any suggestions?