Estimote App Not Showing Angles

Hi - I can’t see anything on the “Angles” tab of the Estimote UWB App v1.0. The “Distances” is working fine and I can accurately range the beacons. I’m on an iPhone 14 Pro. Do I need to change a setting?

You are probably using iPhone 14 or later and Apple unfortunately removed AoA (angle-of-arrival) because they didn’t install more UWB antennas as they did in iPhone 11 - iPhone 13.

Please read on our GitHub section with “AoA” piece:

If you create your own app you can still do angle on iPhone 14, but you need to enable “camera assist”, something that is not enabled on our DEMO app in the AppStore yet.

Thanks @jimiasty

Is there an Android equivalent to the app? I’m not a developer and just need to do some demos of the AoA. I have a Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21+ (both of which have the UWB chip).

We haven’t published to Google Play Store Android UWB Demo app yet, but on our GitHub Android UWB SDK has a sample demo app project. You would need to ask Android Developer to use it and render Azimuth and Elevation on the screen.

Angle detection on Android should give you results similar to this: