Estimote Android SDK - official progress reports


Proximity SDK
Purpose: Proximity experiences, checking if somebody is in the zone of a beacon, responding to the enter/exit zone events, triggering actions in the different zones (near, far, custom range)
GitHub repository ->

Indoor Location SDK
Purpose: Getting the precise (x,y) coordinate of the user in the given location, realtime indoor navigation based on beacons
GitHub repository ->

Mirror SDK
Purpose: Interactions based on our Estimote Mirror device, display different stuff on screen when the user is in defined zones from the TV/screen.
GitHub repository ->

Android SDK (will be deprecated soon)
Purpose: Our old all-in-one SDK for multipurpose interaction with beacons, scanning for iBeacon, iBeacon ranging/monitoring, scanning for Eddystone, scanning for custom Estimote packets, telemetry scanning, beacon management, changing beacon settings, cloud communication
GitHub repository (will be deprecated soon) ->

How to ask questions

If you got a general problem, question, or trouble with using our SDK:
Post a new thread on this forum

If there is an issue with any of our SDK, and you can provide us with detailed info (SDK version, your phone model, OS version, stacktrace):
Create an issue on GitHub page related to the SDK you are using.

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Indoor Location SDK 2.0.0 for Android - updated scanning mechanism, background scanning, and support for Android 7.0 and 8.0 is live ->
You can directly download an example app here ->

We will add updated documentation soon. All feedback welcome!

ProximitySDK 0.1.0-alpha.3 is now available - added key-value tags.
See ->

ProximitySDK 0.1.0-alpha.5 is now available - added Analytics and minor improvements to the scanning mechanism.
Also, we officially published it as a stand-alone GitHub repository! -> (no more proximity-sdk branch).

@ic4ru5 - lots of work to do, but the documentation is on its way - probably to be scheduled in the upcoming sprints :slight_smile:

ProximitySDK 0.1.0-alpha.6 is now available :rocket: - next iteration on our ProximityObserver API design. Some breaking changes included (hey, it’s alpha, we are allowed to do this :wink: ), and we added Telemetry data reporting to Estimote Cloud (You can see light level, temperature, or battery level from your beacons) See CHANGELOG for details.
Reminder - you can download an example app to see how the full experience works.

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Indoor Location SDK 2.0.1 for Android is available - updated scanning mechanism and added support for Android 8.1. Check it out here ->

ProximitySDK 0.1.0-alpha.7 is now available :rocket: - you can access entire beacon’s attachment payload as Map using getPayload() method in ProximityAttachment (e.g. for use in onEnterAction). See CHANGELOG for details.
Reminder - you can download an example app to see how the full experience works.

ProximitySDK 0.1.0-alpha.9 is now available :rocket: - added ProximityTrigger for Android 8.0+ devices. It allows you to display your notification when the user enters the proximity of Estimote Beacons (we will add more functionality later - like triggering only for your zones). This will also work when your app is killed (also force stop), but you must use it with caution. Read more here about how to use it - and don’t forget to check our updated example app!

ProximitySDK 0.2.0 is now available! :rocket: - we finally migrated our SDK to use dedicated cloud attachments! Now you don’t need to set attachments as the specially formatted JSON in a beacon TAGS!

With this version we are finally out of the ALPHA stage! :clap: :clap: :clap:
There is still much to be done, but this version is already pretty much functional. We are working on improving the algorithm still.

Always remember you can check our CHANGELOG and play with our EXAMPLE APPS.

Indoor Location SDK 2.1.0 for Android is available :rocket: :tada:
What’s new:

  • Make it possible to enable internal logging in Indoor Location SDK.
    If some nasty fault in our sdk brakes your application, you can now easily enable logging, grab logcat output and send it to us. It will greatly improve issues resolution time.
  • Fix ugly NullPointerException thrown by our internal alghoritms
  • Use improved beacons’ scanner

Like usually, Indoor Location SDK in available under JCenter and can be reached by:
implementation 'com.estimote:indoorsdk:2.1.0'


ProximitySDK 0.2.2 is now available :rocket: - Fixed crashes when stopping scan while not having BLE enabled. Also fixed zones with duplicated keys being not resolved. Read CHANGELOG for more info.

ProximitySDK 0.2.3 is now available :rocket: - super hotfix for NoSuchMethodException being thrown.

ProximitySDK 0.3.0 with Estimote Secure Monitoring is now available :rocket: - ProximityObserver is now observing for both encrypted and unencrypted Estimote packets by default. You can disable it using .withEstimoteSecureMonitoringDisabled() when building your ProximityObserver - in that way it will only observe for non-secure packets. More changes available in our CHANGELOG.