Many issues after IOS SDK update

I have 11 issues after upgrade on new beacon SDK.

Beacon2.xcode.gen/WM Beacon2/
/Volumes/Docs Communs/WM Beacon2.xcode.gen/lib/ESTBeacon.h:279:33: error: unknown type name ‘ESTFirmwareUpdate’
@property (readonly, nonatomic) ESTFirmwareUpdate firmwareUpdateInfo;

Or This :

property ‘isConnected’ not found on object of type ‘ESTBeacon *’

i don’t know why.

Thank’s for help

ESTBeacon.h is no longer used in the new version of the SDK, are you sure you completely deleted the old version of the SDK before updating to the new one?

What IDE do you use?

I thank for your reply.

I use Pcsoft WINDEV for IDE. And I don’t know if it’s compatible wirth the new SDK.

ESTBeaconVO replace ESTBeacon ?

Thank you

I make some modifications with the good SDK :frowning:

But some issues now.

If you can help me.

Thank you